Please read before contacting us.

Q.Does this app cost money to use?


This is a paid-for application. You will be charged when you purchase it. There are also in-app products that you will be charged for on purchase.

Note: You will not be charged again for redownloading any in-app products that you have purchased previously. (This excludes the packet transmission costs of the downloaded data.)

Note: If you have uninstalled this app, please redownload any purchased in-app products upon reinstall.

Q.iOS version: Initial in-app purchase


Upon purchase and download of the Quintessential Quintuplets Alarm App (iOS version), you will be able to pick a quintuplet during the initial startup of the app.
After selecting your choice of quintuplet, a confirmation pop-up message to make your purchase at zero cost will be displayed.

*You will not be able to repick your initial choice of quintuplet after making your choice.
*However, you can purchase the alarms of the remaining four quintuplets from the settings page of the app.

Q.My purchases do not show up in the app.


Please tap the Redownload button in the shop.

It may take some time for the additional packages to be reflected in the app.
Restarting the app may fix this issue.

If your purchase is still not shown in the app after these steps, please try reinstalling the application.

Q.Will I be charged for redownloading the app?


You will not be charged for reinstalling the app on the same OS with the same store account.
You will also not be charged for any purchased in-app products that you redownload.

Note: If you have changed your OS or store account, it will be treated as a new purchase and charged accordingly.

Q.Can I transfer data?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer data.

Note: Your purchase history data cannot be transferred from iOS to Android or Android to iOS or between different store accounts. You will be treated as a new customer and must repurchase the app.

Q.Which OS versions are supported?


The supported OS versions are as follows.

iOS 10 and above.
Android 7 and above.

Q.Which devices are supported?


The following devices are supported.
Devices installed with iOS 10 and above.
Devices installed with Android 7 and above.

Note: Some devices are not supported.

Note: OS and devices that are not supported are not applicable for warranties or refunds.

Note: SIM-free devices and budget smartphones are also not supported.

Q.I do not receive push notifications.


Please allow (turn ON) app notifications from your device's settings.
You will be able to receive push notifications when app notifications are allowed.

Q.My alarms don't ring.


The alarms are designed not to ring when your device is in silent mode.
Please disable silent mode when using alarms.

Note: If push notifications are disabled, the alarm sounds will not play, and you will not receive a notification even if you have disabled silent mode.