Terms of Service

NextNinja Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") has the following terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "this service") regarding the service and content "five equal bride alarms" (hereinafter referred to as "this service") provided by our company. This agreement is called "Terms").

Article 1 Conditions of Use

  1. You can use the Service on the premise that you agree to these terms. When downloading and installing this application and starting to use the Service, we assume that you agree to these terms.
  2. By using the Service, you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and acknowledge that you have either reached the age of “majority” where you live, or your parent or legal guardian agrees to be bound by these terms on your behalf. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor, you and the minor accept and agree to be bound by these terms and are responsible for all use of the Service, including purchases.
  3. If you do not agree to these terms, we will assume that you are unable to use the Service and will immediately stop using it. Uninstallation shall be performed if the user has already installed the Service.
  4. The Service shall only be used on the device of the user who owns the application.

Article 2 Copyright

Copyrights and intellectual property rights relating to this service belong to us or third parties who have such rights. By using the Service, you will not be granted any rights other than those explicitly stated in these terms. Also, when a user submits a sentence, image, video or the like in this Service, the copyright thereof will be transferred to the Company at that time and shall be attributed to the Company thereafter, and the user shall notify us about the use of those works by the Company. The rights of the author shall not be exercised.

Article 3 Fee

  1. This Service is a paid service. In addition, it is possible to be charged for additional content and other paid services (including, but not limited to, sale of points and items available within the Service).
  2. The Company may change the price of free and paid functions and contents provided in the Service, at our discretion. After the change, if the user does not agree to it, he may be unable to use parts or all of the Service.
  3. All fees such as the purchase cost or maintenance cost of the device necessary to use the Service, the communications fees such as data usage including packet communications fees, etc. shall be borne by the user.

Article 4 Handling of User Information and Content Possessed by Users

  1. The user agrees to use the account information (user ID, playlog data) of the user acquired in connection with this service for the operation of this service. In addition, we reserve the right to share this information for the purpose of consigning the business within the scope necessary for achieving the terms of use to outsourcers obligated by contract etc. so as to properly manage account information.
  2. In addition, account information is used within the range described separately in the privacy policy.
  3. The Company will not disclose any personal information of its users to any third parties without their consent.
  4. Notwithstanding paragraph 3 of this Article, the Company may preserve the account information of its users and disclose them to a third party in the following cases:
    ・At the request of law, administrative agency or court
    ・When necessary for legal procedures
    ・When necessary to comply with these terms
    ・In cases where it is necessary to protect property, rights, life safety, our company or third parties
    ・When necessary to maintain the Service
  5. We do not assume the obligation to store information of users and items and contents possessed by users, and we do not guarantee the completeness and availability of these.
  6. In cases when the user leaves the Service, or when the Company terminates the operation of the Service, we will erase all the information regarding the user and contents possessed by the user at our own discretion. In such cases we will not answer nor provide refund requests and the like of it.

Article 5 Prohibited Matters

  1. In using this application, the user must not conduct:
    ・The act of registering false information at the time of user registration, application for use or change of registration information.
    ・The act of providing registered information to a third party.
    ・The act of giving or lending the status of the user to a third party.
    ・Acts of discriminating against third parties or slandering.
    ・Acts that violate third party’s name, privacy or credibility.
    ・Acts that cause economic or mental damage to third parties.
    ・Act of spoofing our employees or third parties, tie-ups with third parties of the Company, act of falsifying the presence or absence of cooperative relationships.
    ・Acts contrary to the public order or moral.
    ・Acts of infringing the intellectual property rights (patent rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyright, etc.) of the Company or a third party.
    ・The act of using this service for commercial purposes without prior written permission of the Company.
    ・Act of unauthorized access to our servers.
    ・Acts of using this service by using third party’s registration information.
    ・Disclosure, publish, transmit, and distribute virus programs, malware, etc. that may harm the Company or various third party facilities.
    ・The act of intentionally causing trouble to this service.
    ・Analysis, alteration and deletion of each information and program related to this service, act of trying other illegal access acts.
    ・The act of analyzing, copying, modifying, adding, modifying, and secondarily using all or part of the content data used in this serve.
    ・Acts that do not comply with the terms of service, operating procedures, etc. determined by us.
    ・The actress of interfering with the operation of this service which we do.
    ・Other acts that we deem inappropriate such as violation of manners.
    ・Other acts that we announced as prohibited by this service.
    ・The act of attempting any of the preceding items, acts similar to the preceding items, acts that are likely to fall under the preceding items, and other acts deemed inappropriate by the Company.
  2. In the event of damage to the Company and third parties by the acts of users who violated these terms etc., regardless of the loss of the user qualifications of this service, said user will have all legal liability.

Article 6 Disclaimer

  1. The Company does not guarantee that the Service does not infringe the rights of third parties and that execution of this service does not violate the rights of third parties.
  2. The user shall use the Service with its own responsibility and judgement.
  3. The Company does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, availability, etc., of the Service.
  4. The Company does not guarantee compatibility with the Service to the user’s device.
  5. The Company may change, suspend or terminate the Service at any time without prior notice to the user due to reasons such as server maintenance, network line congestion, issues with the provider, operating issues, or any other compelling reasons the Company deemed appropriate or necessary. Even if the Company has changed, suspended or terminated the Service or was obligated to change, suspend or terminate the Service due to incidents, accidents, etc., the Company will not take responsibility for any user.
  6. The Company is not responsible for any damages to users caused by actions of third parties, such as unauthorized access to the Service, with the exception of reasons attributable to the Company.
  7. The Company shall not be involved at all with transactions that users conduct through this service. Any disputes arising between users shall be resolved in the responsibility and judgement of the user.
  8. The Company is not responsible for damages related to the Service caused by users or third parties, with the exception of reasons attributable to the Company. In addition, the Company will not refund users for any paid purchases under any circumstances.
  9. The Company shall not be obligated to answer or respond to inquiries from users, opinions such as improvement of service contents, other opinions, etc., and shall be dealt with at our discretion. We will not be obliged to report such actions to users.
  10. The Company may change the specifications of this application or terminate its service. With the exception of reasons attributable to the Company, the Company shall not be held liable to compensate for the termination or modification of the application; loss of data due to service unavailability or the use of application; or any damages users have to bear due to mechanical failure or damage.

Article 7 Management of Devices and Accounts

  1. In using the Service, the user shall manage the device used and the account acquired when using this service at their own risk.
  2. The user is held responsible and shall compensate for any damage caused to the Company or third parties by the use of the user’s account and/or device (even if another person caused the action).
  3. The Company is not responsible for any issues or damages suffered by the user due to the incorrect management of user’s devices and accounts.

Article 8 Change, Suspension and Termination of this Service

  1. The Company may change, modify, suspend or terminate the Service or any corresponding services at any time.
  2. The Company will not compensate for any in-app items, contents, etc. if any cases mentioned in paragraph one of this Article arise.

Article 9 Prohibition of Transfer of Rights and Obligations

The user cannot transfer to anyone the rights or the obligations concerning the Service to a third party.

Article 10 Resignation

  1. At the time of uninstalling the Service, you agree that any remaining content etc. after uninstallation will be revoked.
  2. We are not obliged to possess any information, such as personal information of users who have resigned.
  3. In case of repairing or changing model of the device used by the user, unless otherwise specified by the company, we will not be able to hand over the information etc.

Article 11 About Damages etc.

  1. In the event of damages to the Company or a third party due to the violation of these Terms and Conditions, the user shall indemnify such damages to the Company or the third party.
  2. In the event that the Company is liable for damages against the user despite the exemption clause prescribed in Article 6, the amount of such damages shall be equal to up to the amount of money paid by the Company to the Service’s Provider Company in the most recent month.

Article 12 About the Jurisdictional court

  1. In the event of a dispute between the user and the Company in connection with this Service, the parties involved shall consult in good faith.
  2. In cases where the two parties do not settle in consultation as written in the previous paragraph, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.
  3. Even if part of this Agreement is deemed ineffective by violating the Consumer Protection Law and other mandatory laws, the other part is effective to the maximum extent not contrary to it.
  4. The applicable law for these Terms and Conditions shall be the Japanese law.

Article 13 Regarding Changes of These Terms

The Company may make changes to this agreement upon prior and sufficient notice to the users. The changed terms will be posted on the website or corresponding websites of the Service and will be applied to all users at time of posting.

Established on April 22, 2022