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Effective date: April 21, 2022

We at NextNinja Co.,Ltd. value our users’ privacy and abide by global policies that govern the need to disclose information regarding personal data that is collected by our services, including but not limited to our mobile app, customer support, community practices, and any other services affiliated with “Quintuplets Alarm”. This Privacy Policy covers what customer information is collected, stored, and utilized by our services, and what rights you as a user have in accessing and modifying said data. By using any of our services, you recognize that you have clearly read, understood, and agreed with our Privacy Policy and methods of data collection, storation, and use.
Should any changes occur to the Privacy Policy, you will be notified in advance via an in-game announcement and asked to read, acknowledge, and re-confirm your affirmation to these alterations.

Table of Contents

  1. Personal Information We Collect (Directly or via third-party services)
    Types of Collected Information
    Data Collected for System Functionality
  2. Reasons for Collecting Personal Information
  3. Who Can Access Your Personal Information
  4. Advertisements
  5. Data Retention
  6. Your Rights Regarding Collected Data
  7. Security and Storage of Your Information
  8. EU-U.S. Privacy Shield
  9. Regarding Age Limits and Restrictions
  10. Information Disclosure
    California Privacy Policy
    California Consumer Rights According to the CCPA

0.1 Personal Information We Collect (Directly or via third-party services)

We collect any personal data that may be required to identify the user, including but not limited to: your name, email address,, and any other types of information you may choose to provide.

(1) Types of Collected Information

a. Date of Birth: Our in-game services do not request users to provide a date of birth prior to use. Users who download and play the game are responsible for providing accurate information regarding their self-reported age via Google Play or the Apple Store. Should any issue arise, this self-reported date of birth will be used as a basis for evaluation and judgement.

b. Email Address: In certain circumstances and with your full consent, we may collect additional information such as your email address. This data will be retained and stored with your consent.

c. Service Information: When communicating to report any technical trouble or seeking help from customer support, any required information you provide to resolve the issue at hand will be stored and used to ensure both the enhancement and delivery of optimal service.

d. Advertising: In order to gauge the efficacy of our advertising practices, we retain an Advertising ID for specific advertisements and device information tied to your profile. These are utilized strictly for marketing purposes on the basis of reasonable business interest in evaluating ad performance. Consequently, we employ third party network advertisers and analytics service providers in order to accomplish this task. For more information regarding third-party systems and sponsorship, please refer to the “Who Can Access Your Personal Information” section.

(2) Data Collected for System Functionality

In addition to the information you provide us as outlined in Section (1), data is also collected whenever you utilize our app and services. NextNinja Co.,Ltd., .makes use of third-party analytics providers and other technologies to passively gather data on service access and use. Such information includes, but is not limited to: IP Addresses, Cookies, Web Beacons, and Embedded Scripts. In this Section, we outline what information is collected and through what methods, in addition to attributing the third-party services employed by us.

a. Cookies, IP addresses, and other related technologies
Cookies are small text files sent to track site usage, and are reciprocally employed to enhance and customize user experience by providing faster loading times in addition to storing your preferences in our system for future access. Cookies may also provide us with information regarding your browsing practices on our site (e.g. what pages you view, frequency of use etc). These are then used to:

1. Streamline your experience by providing faster loading times.

2. Deliver relevant advertising that fits your preferences based on our acquired data.

3. Analyze your browsing practices to enhance customer satisfaction in future endeavors (i.e. examination of which pages are popular and relevant to your browsing, which pages referred you to our site, and which exit links you click).

4. Collect technological information stemming from your access to our services, including device software, operating systems, and other similar technologies.

Internet Protocol (“IP”) address: The unique address assigned to each computer when communicating over a network.

1. Device Information: Collection of information regarding what device operating systems, software, and other technical info are used to access our service.

2. Referral and Exit URLs: Which URLs referred you to our service and which URLs are clicked for exit.
Information collected via cookies will not be linked back to any personal data you provide. Cookies may be shared with third-party contractors to personalize services, secure systems from fraud, and evaluate the efficacy of our platform.

b. Web Beacons
Web Beacons (otherwise referred to as pixel tags, image tags, clear GIFS, or web bugs) are unobtrusive codes utilized to collect advertising data. Web Beacons are used to monitor user views, navigation behavior, advertising efficacy, and email delivery.

Embedded Scripts

Embedded scripts are codes that are utilized to analyze your interactions with our platform, such as the links you click and browsing patterns. These programming codes are only temporarily active and downloaded to your device when engaging with our services. Embedded scripts may also be utilized by third-party contractors.

0.2 Reasons for Collecting Personal Information

In order to provide our services, required user information outlined in our Terms of Service in addition to our Privacy Policy must be processed. We ensure that all data collected by us is geared towards offering optimal user experience when engaging with any of our services, and abide by all applicable laws that govern this jurisdiction. Information collected by us is used to:

1. Grant or restrict your access to all services outlined in our Terms of Service.

2. Analyze obtained information to upgrade and manage our services, fix bugs and errors, ensure security, protect from fraud, and create potential archives and backups.

3. Authenticate a user’s identity when required.

4. Abide by any legal duties that may require user data authentication to ensure the safety and security of the platform and all its users.

5. Upgrade and develop our services as requested by our players to enhance user experience, including additions and improvements to any in-app features.

6. Monitor and track your use of services to filter out any bots and enhance our services.

In order to process such information, we may employ the use of third-party services and affiliates.
In the event that additional information is required for collection or any methods of data processing are altered, the user will be notified and asked to consent via an update to the Privacy Policy, a notification announcement, or any other visible form that seeks to obtain user confirmation prior to any changes in practice.

Information processing that is obtained as a result of user consent therefore may be rescinded by you at any point in the service. This withdrawal will not result in any lawful violations stemming from previously collected data.

0.3 Who Can Access Your Personal Information

In addition to our service teams and affiliates, there may be situations where these following parties can access the personal data you have provided us with. By reading this Privacy Policy and consenting to it, you acknowledge that there may be circumstances such as those outlined here where your personal information could potentially be disclosed.

1. Lawful Authorities
Personal information you share with us may be provided to competent authorities upon request. In certain circumstances where the protection of our service and its users is of interest, particular aspects of your personal data may be disclosed to such authorities. This information may include your usage activity via our services in addition to any Device Identifiers, such as IP addresses.
Furthermore, we have the right to present any personal data you provide us to authorities in order to identify and enact potential legal actions against you in the cases of:

1. A violation of any agreements between us, including (but not limited to) this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service.

2. Your violation of any third-parties’ rights and interests.

3. When such information is deemed necessary as a preventative measure against illegal activities, such as fraud and cyber attacks.

2. Third-Party Contractors
In order to deliver our services, we employ help from multiple third-party service providers. Data provided to these third-party contractors are non-identifiable to the player and often aggregated. Under no circumstances is any of your personal data sold to such third-party contractors. Furthermore, certain third-party service providers are strictly prohibited from processing any of the personal information provided, including but not limited to accessing, storing, or disclosing such data.
All data provided is thus limited to what is necessary to deliver our services.

Third-parties may include:

1. Social networks that are affiliated with our services via login or consent to content-sharing.

2. Information communication service providers.

3. Advertising service providers that assist in delivering and targeting optimal ads to the user base, analyzing their performance and success rates.

We ensure that any third-party information collection is only done following agreement by the user, either via updates to this Privacy Policy or other viewable notifications. In certain instances, however, if a user consents to a third-party service via our platform, communication with such contractors may be required to end the service. Furthermore, users must refer to the privacy policies of these third-party services to access the full scope of their data processing, storing, and utilization practices.

0.4 Advertisements

By consenting to this Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that we may collect and process personal data to:

1. Deliver targeted advertising relevant to your interests.

2. Gauge and analyze advertisement success and relevancy.

3. Utilize this information for genuine business interest in improving our marketing practices.

Advertisements may be delivered directly by our services or by third-party contractors.
Furthermore, users may withdraw at any time from having their personal data processed for advertising purposes.
On no account will our service collect the data of minors for advertising and marketing purposes.
If it comes to our knowledge that a person not of legal age is engaging with our service, we will not deliver targeted advertising.
For further detail, please refer to the “Regarding Age Limits and Restrictions” section of this Privacy Policy.

0.5 Data Retention

All data and personal information collected by our systems will be stored as long as the user maintains active status on their account. Personal information is deleted upon user request or in particular cases as stipulated by the law.
If the user requests to terminate their account and personal data associated with it, our services will continue to store your data as deemed necessary for official business purposes.
Should any legal obligations or issues arise, such data may be utilized in accordance with an agreement between you and us. Upon account termination, your data and information will be stored and processed for the purpose of the previously outlined business practices in alignment with regional storage and retention period laws.
All personal data will be anonymized, blocked, or erased once this period expires.
In respect of global privacy policies, NextNinja Co.,Ltd., abides by the following protocols active in our regions of service:

1. The United States: The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”).

2. The European Union: The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Our Privacy Policy strictly adheres to the protocols allocated by the CCPA, COPPA, and GDPR in accordance to regional policies.
By choosing to download, install, and accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you acknowledge and consent to having your information processed on servers that are potentially situated outside your country of residence.
Additionally, in agreeing with this Privacy Policy, you consent to having your data accessed and processed by NextNinja Co.,Ltd..’s staff and its affiliates, including engineers, customer service, and other relevant personnel.

0.6 Your Rights Regarding Collected Data

As outlined in the GDPR, CPPA, and other relevant sources of regional authority, the user may request, via writing, an electronic copy of their stored personal data. In the process of such a request, the user will be asked to provide relevant information to verify their identity and link it back to their account for security purposes. In addition, users may request to modify personal data, delete information with full knowledge of these decision’s impacts on their user experience.
For more information and clarification geared towards users in California, please refer to the section below addressing the CCPA specifically.
In accordance with the GDPR and CPPA, the user has:

1. The Right To Access Collected, Disclosed, and Sold Personal Information
You have the right to gain free access to any collected, disclosed, and sold personal information as described in the GDPR and CCPA (for more information regarding the latter, please check the CCPA section listed at the end of this privacy policy).
Under no circumstance will our service sell the information of minors under the age of 13 (or equivalent age in their country of residence), and you have full right to request proof as to whether we possess knowledge of processing such information.

2. The Right To Rectification
We work to ensure that all processed personal information is accurate when you engage with our various services.
However, if any stored data is inaccurate or out of date, you have the right to rectify this information in fulfilment of Article 16 of the GDPR (“Right to Rectification”).
Any updates to user information can be accomplished via the in-game option tab.
If the user requires additional help, support can be provided via email inquiry to ensure the swift modification of such data.

3. The Right To Erasure
You have the right to request deletion of any personal information collected and stored by our services, as described by Article 17 of the GDPR (‘‘Right to be Forgotten”) and the CCPA (for more information regarding the CCPA, please refer to its section written below).
Data deletion may also be requested on legal grounds.
In either case, you may contact support to request the deletion of stored personal information.
Keep in mind that any data lost as a result of account termination, including playthroughs, app-related purchases, , and any other in-game services, cannot be retrieved once again.

The Right to Object

In conformity with Article 21 of the GDPR (“Right to Object”) and similar applicable laws in serviced countries, you have the right to object to any data processing practices engaged by utilizing our service. If a user objects, data will cease to be processed by our services outside of legitimate grounds if deemed necessary. Furthermore, you have the right to object to having your profile data processed for marketing research purposes as outlined in the GDPR.

4. The Right to Restriction of Processing
You have the right to restrict the processing of any personal data in accordance with Article 18 (“Right to Restriction of Processing”) of the GDPR and other relevant applicable laws in your country of residence. Restriction of Processing may be requested if the following criteria are satisfied:

a. You object to the accuracy of stored personal data. In this instance, all processing will cease until the information is rectified by our service.

b. The processing is deemed unlawful and you opt to restrict it instead of requesting erasure of the data.

c. The personal data is no longer required by our service, but you wish to access it on the grounds of exercising legal claims.

d. In relation to Article 21 (“Right to Object”), the user may seek to verify whether our service has legitimate grounds that override their request to deny data processing.

5. The Right to Personal Data Portability
Conforming to Article 20 of the GDPR (“Right to Data Portability”) and any other applicable laws pertaining to your country of residence, you have the right to receive stored personal data in a structured and commonly used machine-readable format. Furthermore, per regulation, you have the right to transmit this data to another controller without interference from our service.

For further rights concerning users residing in California, please check our CCPA section.

0.7 Security and Storage of Your Information

We work extremely hard to ensure that all data provided by our users are secured against unauthorized access by employing the latest technology and protective safeguards.
However, despite such strict precautions, data breaches, hacking, and cyber-attacks are still potential risks when utilizing Internet-based services.
In the unfortunate case of a security breach that compromises user data, we will actively work to investigate and address these concerns with respective authorities.
If any personal information is compromised in the process, all affected users will be notified and applicable laws will be overseen.
Additionally, users are also encouraged to maintain security of their account by occasionally updating strong passwords, refraining from sharing personal information through our service to other users, and utilizing a secure device and operating system when engaging with our services.
All data that is collected and stored by our service will be applicable under this Privacy Policy.
Please note that instances where third-party affiliates and/or services (such as advertisements and links in/out of our website) collect your data, we are not responsible for regulating such information.
Please ensure that you are well acquainted with the privacy policies of such services before use.

0.8 EU-U.S. Privacy Shield

By extension, we fully comply with the U.S. Department of Commerce’s EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework through our utilization of Amazon Web Services (AWS).
All collected, processed, and stored personal data that is transferred from the EU to the United States will adhere to the principles defined by the U.S. Department of Commerce and European Commission in the Privacy Shield program.
For more information and details regarding AWS and its proof of certification, please refer to the following URL:
As delineated in our Privacy Policy, we will work hard to ensure the security of all personal information collected by our services and are held accountable for any misuse of user data.
Should a third party affiliated with us process your personal data in a manner that fails to comply with Privacy Shield Principles, we will be held responsible unless substantial proof is presented to refute our liability in the matter.
If you are a EU resident and have any questions or concerns regarding our policies with regards to the Privacy Shield Framework, please contact us at:

0.9 Regarding Age Limits and Restrictions

The minimum age to use our services in “Quintuplets Alarm” is 13.
If your country of residence recognizes a higher age of consent with regards to consensual data collection, parents or legal guardians must oversee and approve of the account creation process before any personal data is collected and stored by our services.
By agreeing to use our service, you acknowledge that you are considered an adult or of the age of majority in your country of residence.
Minors below the legal age of majority are requested to not engage with our services, and to refrain from providing any personal data including, but not limited to: your name, , email address
Under no circumstances do we accept the collection and processing of personal information from children without the consent of their parents or legal guardians.
If it comes to light that any information collected by our service pertains to a minor, all stored data will be erased immediately.
If you have any suspicion that we might have collected data on a minor, please contact us via our email support system.

0.10 Information Disclosure

We greatly value our customers’ privacy and rights.
All users have the option to request access or disclosure of any information stored by our services.
In order to submit such a request, please contact us either through our website request form or directly via email at:
In the event of requesting such information, we will be required to collect your name, , e-mail address, , and any additional information required by our service. We will work swiftly to deliver the required data following confirmation of your personal information.

California Privacy Policy

In accordance with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”), we are committed to following delineated principles when collecting and utilizing any information provided by our California-based users.
As a service, we are obligated to disclose additional information regarding our methods of collection and potential disclosure to any third-party affiliates. Additionally, as a resident of California, you have a legal right to exercise additional jurisdiction over any information we collect via our services.
Therefore, this section mainly targets the rights entitled to our California customer base in accordance with the CCPA.

California Consumer Rights According to the CCPA

As a resident of California, you have:

The right to know: You may request access to personal information we have collected, processed, disclosed, or sold within the 12-month period preceding your request, free of charge. This includes classification of what information is shared or sold to third parties affiliated with us.

The right to erasure: You have the right to request deletion of any personal information and diagnostics we have collected through your use of our services.

The right to non-discrimination: All of our services are equally available to all players without any alterations in prices charged or quality. However, in order to access full in-game functionality, additional information may be required. In this instance, users have the right to opt-in or out of providing that information with full knowledge and consent that there may be some limitations placed on the game as a result.

We greatly value our customers’ privacy and rights. In order to request access or disclosure of any information outlined by the CCPA, please contact us either through our website request form or directly via email at:
In the event of requesting such information, we will be required to collect your name, e-mail address, and any additional information required by our service.

Should an authorized agent submit a request on behalf of a California resident, please provide this additional documentation:

・ Written and signed permission from the California consumer

・ An ID to verify the authorized agent’s identity.

・ Verification of the provided identity or a designated power of attorney as outlined by the California Probate Code.

Please note that, in order to protect our users and ensure their safety, additional documentation and proof may be requested to verify the authenticity of authorized agents.